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Virtually ELIMINATING Odors & Bacteria




Small home, large home, multiple levels... No matter the need you’ll want to put the synergistic power of an AirRestore Whole Home System to work for you and your family. These systems come in packs of four air naturalizing units to be utilized according to the structure of your home or business, depending on your needs.  


There are many advantages to having a Whole Home System. These are great for ensuring the air in your home is being cleaned from top to bottom by eliminating any gaps in coverage. Air circulation will maximize the power of these units, ensuring ultimate air quality. They also work together to help additional issues, such as mold control in your bathrooms, a musty basement or your laundry room.





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Corded units are the best option for cleaning up the air in a spot where the closest outlet is in an awkward area away from the odor source. Corded units have the same cleaning power as the wall units, but they give you the added flexibility of plugging the air naturalizer into an outlet a few feet away and placing the unit close to the source of the smell to get rid of it quickly. 








These are the perfect air naturalizers to plug into the wall in general living areas or near a “trouble” spot where there is a strong odor or a lot of germs. Examples where these work great include: Near a garbage can, puppy pee pad, litter box or toilet. You can also use them in the kitchen to help remove odors from cooking. Or put one next to the place where your family piles its dirty laundry. The wall units are intended for wall outlet use only, and it is not recommended to plug them into power strips. The AirRestore units clean up the air, making it healthier and fresher for babies and young children, seniors, pets and visiting guests.









Take your corded AirRestore Air Naturalizer on the road! This car adapter gives you the ability to plug the corded units into your vehicle. This is a great option to help eliminate odors from pets or the stuffiness that can occur during a long road trip. It helps reduce the smell of smoke and exhaust that creeps into your car while driving in traffic. The AirRestore unit is also great for spot-treating the upholstery in your vehicle: spilt coffee or milk, pet accidents, even gasoline. Just lay the unit on the fabric and it immediately begins to break down the odor. If the substance has dried prior to your spot-treatment, simply spray a light mist of water in the air above the spot and let the AirRestore unit do its work.